(2015) Uli Jon Roth - Scorpions Revisited
Warner / UDR Music (Worldwide) Marquee (Japan)

Featuring Liz Vandall on "Pictured Life"

(2013) Giuntini - Project IV
Escape Music Ltd.

Features a duet of Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath) & Liz Vandall on the track, "Bring on the Night"

(2012) Amadeus Awad - Time of the Equinox

Featuring Liz Vandall on the tracks, "Nostalgia" and "Meteors of the Blue"

(2008) Uli Jon Roth - Under a Dark Sky
SPV (Worldwide) Marquis (Japan)

Rock opera featuring Mark Boals & Liz Vandall on vocals

(2005) Zeno - Zenology II 

Liz Vandall on backing vocals

(2000) Uli Jon Roth - Transcendental Sky Guitar
SPV (Worldwide) Nippon Crown  (Japan)

Liz Vandall is featured on the 1998 live performance in Paris on the track "Hiroshima"

(1998) Joshua Perahia - Chapter One 

Liz Vandall on backing vocals

(1994) Sahara - The Seventh House
Dream Circle Records/Polydor (Europe) Teichiku Records (Japan)

Sahara's second CD (produced by Alexander Woltman and co-produced by Sahara).
A collection of ten semi-progressive and melodic powerful rock songs. Contains the full-length version of the song, "Aquarius".

(1992) Sahara - Going Crazy
Dream Circle Records/IRS (Europe) Teichiku Records (Japan)

Sahara's debut album (produced by Jay Baumgardner).
Nine songs featuring the title track along with "Wasteland" and other Sahara classics.
Japanese version includes bonus tracks: "Will You Remember Me" & "I Won't Be Lonely"

(1991) Metal Queens Vol. 2 - Women in Love
RCA/BMG (Europe)
Released on Vinyl & CD)

Compilation album with "I Won't Be Lonely" by Sahara

(1993) Rock Hard Video Volume 5
Hard Visions - (European Release)
Filmed & Produced by Tribal Video

Compilation video of signed rock groups containing "Wasteland" by Sahara

(1990) Underground USA Music Magazine

Compilation video of unsigned American rock groups containing "Wasteland" by Sahara